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ANDROMEDA L.L.C. is a part of a group of six companies started over 40 years ago. Group core business diversified to cover array of business segments including Building Construction, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Aviation, Telecommunication, Electro-Mechanical Contracting and Specialized Textiles Printing & Dying.

ANDROMEDA L.L.C. brings to the market highly qualified team offering unique engineering services and after sales technical support which is based on our in-depth understanding of our products and customers’ needs. ANDROMEDA products and services are mainly catering for building construction Civil & MEP contractors, and Oil & Gas EPC contractors.

ANDROMEDA L.L.C is located in Egypt geared for optimizing resources and meeting rapid market growth.

What We Do

ANDROMEDA represents a number of leading brands, each of which is a leading player in its field. We are specialized in a wide range of Passive Fire Protection systems, Building Construction Materials, Electro-Mechanical solutions & Telecommunication systems. Our core business scope includes Fire protection to steel structures, Firestopping solutions, Fire Rated Ductwork, Cable Fire Coating, Fire Rated Compartmentation, Protective coatings, Flooring solutions, Sealants and Butyl Tapes & Adhesives, Expansion Joints Cover solutions, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation for HVAC Ducts and Pipes, Gas Suppression Systems for Electrical Rooms, Aircraft Obstruction Lighting and Busway systems.

Our technical engineers are fully qualified to give the necessary advice, guidance and support to provide products from the various vendors we represent.

We offer systems designs, quantity surveying, systems selection, technical training for project team prior to award, on job-training (as required), documentation, and handover to local authorities.


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